We wanna create a scaleble “Harvard” that will be able to handle

8 billion live students for free

What is "Harvard"?

Best teachers

Leaders of thoughts that drive progress and inspire learners

Quality education

Freshest and best structured education curriculum


Access to the community of the worlds brightest minds

Financial Aid

Financial support for people who need it


Variety of specialisation and courses student can select


Study hard to make the world the better place

Our 5 years vision

Preply for study groups +Motivation, +Networking, -50% tutoring price
Self-paced -> group-based learning

The marketplace that helps self-learners organise online education with study groups and group tutors.


  • Find or create a study group to study together
  • Create group learning routine to increase study effectiveness
  • Find a group tutor to help you with learning
  • Schedule group activities to be accountable
  • Chat with your study group


  • English (done)
  • Sociocyberneering
  • Information Technologies
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Sciences
Tinder for self-learners +Networking
Random -> selective peers

A mobile app that helps self-learners find study buddies with a matchmaking algorithm.


  • Find study buddies that suit you based on personality, values and goals
  • Find study buddies from a specific course community
  • Chat with study buddies
  • Add your buddies to the study group


Personal AI mentor +Quality education, +Flexibility, -90% mentoring price
Generalized -> personalised learning

A platform that helps self-learners overcome information overload by building learning roadmaps with AI.


  • Create a personalised learning roadmap based on other self-learners experience
  • Configure your roadmap based on background, goals and availability
  • Find answers for the most common questions other self-learners asked
LinkedIn for self-learners +Motivation, -100% certificate price
Institution -> efforts based certification

A platform that helps self-learners show their knowledge based on efforts they applied during studding


  • Share learning notes with community and to better remember matherial
  • Teach your peers and earn teaching experience
  • Generate dynamic certificate based on notes number, social activity, study hours and number of finished resources
Social media for self-learners +Networking, +Motivation
Job oriented -> life-long learning

A social media platform that helps self-learners adopt lifelong learning with gamification.


  • Earn coins by answering community questions and producing educational content
  • Participate in competitions and complete quests to earn experience
  • Track your knowledge with a levelling system
  • Find passion by participating in solving the most important earth problems and contributing to sustainable development
Crypto for self-learners +Financial Aid, +Motivation
Centralised -> decentralised knowledge sharing

A cryptocurrency used by Anthill Infrastructure

Used for:

  • Storing and exchanging information about learners
  • Making payments inside of Anthill Infrastructure
  • Creating a financial system oriented on knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Providing financial aid
Platform for Massive Cohort-Based Courses +Quality education
Generalised -> specialised learning activities

A platform that helps teachers create live massive cohort-based courses with Anthill Infrastructure. 


  • Create an interactive curriculum with a social-media for learners integration
  • Integrate study groups matchmaking to make students select peers
  • Integrate marketplace for group tutors to make infinitely scale your course
  • Integrate Personal AI mentor to help students answer most common questions
  • Integrate effort based certification to help students track their knowledge and generate a certificate
Mass media for self-learners +Best teachers
Community -> global knowledge sharing

Marketing campaign oriented on transforming the world best professors into influencers and sharing their knowledge for free.


  • Create films and serials with educational content
  • Create a TV channel for self-educators
  • Create newsletters for self-educators
Hub for self-learners +Quality education, +Networking, +Motivation
Online -> combined education

Franchise of specialised educational buildings that helps self-learners study offline


  • Watch lectures from the best professors for free
  • Get an environment that boosts creativity with whiteboard, labs, puzzles and team building games
  • Order healthy food that boost cognitive abilities
  • Rent a sleeping place together with your study group
  • Get access to a specialised library and personal computers
"Free" education +Financial Aid, -100% education price
Individual -> government based payments

Anthill Academy it's an educational institution that helps countries provide free life-long education for all people


  • See real-time analytic of education with dashboards
  • Choose next trends in education by voting using crypto coins
  • Provide free education for 100% of a country residence by routing educational budget to Anthill Academy

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