About Hackathon

Anthill Academy promoting 17 sustainable development goals and wanna organise a Hackathon to help people create projects that contribute to sustainable development of earth. Projects will be evaluated by characteristics:

  • Impact on selected SD goal
  • Innovativeness of idea
  • Completeness of project
  • Technical quality
  • Design
  • Presentation


No credit card required

  • Language: English
  • Completion time: 4¬†weeks
  • Team-size: 3-5 members
  • Maximum number of participants: 50
  • Start date: 26.08.2021
  • End date: 25.09.2021

What you will learn

This is not just about competition. After finishing Hackathon you will get a decent experience working in a team and update your portfolio with new project

  • Looking for the project ideas
  • Planning project features
  • Work in a development team
  • Presenting your project using a pitch deck

Course content

We prepared a step-by-step course to help you successfully finish project during this month

Read program rules1 hrRead and write summary
Describe your dream team1 hrOpen question
Describe your background2 hrFull profile
Specify how much time are you going to work1 hrFull profile
Find a team2 hrOpen question
Choose team captain1 hrOpen question
Choose team name1 hrOpen question
Watch videos from successful startup founders2 hrRead and write summary
Create weekly report1 hrWeekly report
Read about 17 sustainable development goals2 hrRead and write summary
Prepare for brainshtorm2 hrOpen question
Execute team brainshtorm2 hrDiscuss with peers
Select idea to work on2 hrOpen question
Peers review2 hrOpen question
Learn about user stories4 hrRead and write summary
Plan your project6 hrOpen question
Write weekly report2 hrWeekly report
Create weekly report1 hrWeekly report
Select technologies for the project2 hrOpen question
Learn about daily standups4 hr
Read and write summary
Learn about retrospectives2 hr
Read and write summary
Discuss your responsibilities1 hr
Discuss with mentors
Start working~ hrOpen question
Weekly report2 hrWeekly report
Do team building2 hrOpen question
Deploy your project4 hrOpen question
Read about Pitch Deck4 hrRead and write summary
Create Pitch Deck4 hrOpen question
Peers review2 hrOpen question
Course feedback1 hrWeekly report


This Hackathon can be challenging for people who don’t have experience in any technology. But if you work hard, you can finish it even as a complete beginner

  • Have decent theoretical experience in any programming language
  • Be able to create simple WEB app, mobile apps, desktop app or chatbots in any language
  • Be ready to work at least 20 hours per week with your team


To help teams successfully finish Hackathon we will have a Discord community with mentors that can help you with issues or give feedback on an idea. As this Hackathon is completely free your team shouldn’t expect more than 2 hours of mentors time per week

Yevhenii Rachkovan

Founder and CEO of Anthill Academy

Yev has 2 years of experience as a FullStack WEB developer and Product Manager. Strongest skills:

  • Project planning
  • Product management
  • Teamwork
  • WEB development

Prizes for the winners


Free access to the course Become startup founder

Chance to join an Anthill development team


50% discount on the course Become startup founder


25% discount on the course Become startup founder