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How official education works









Predefined curriculum


  • Official diploma
  • Structured learning
  • Finding professional contacts
  • Live access to teachers


  • Price
  • You study with people that were selected for you based on age
  • Unflexible subject selection
  • The curriculum is designed to cover the needs of everyone
  • Unflexible study schedule

Medium price per year: $30 000

How self-paced education works


Custom curriculum

Online courses


  • Flexible subjects
  • Flexible curriculum
  • Flexible studying schedule


  • No guarantee to achieve goals
  • No official diploma
  • High drop rate
  • Not systematic and gives knowledge in 1 single area
  • No live access to teachers
  • Hard to find professional connections

Medium price per year: $1000

Anthill Academy applies a systematic approach to online education





Custom curriculum

Cohost-based courses


  • Flexible subjects
  • Personalised curriculum
  • Flexible studying schedule
  • A lot of professional contacts for each subject
  • Access to real-world professionals, mentors and coaches
  • Low drop rate


  • No official diploma

Medium price per year: $3000

Study what you want

Instead of following a prepared curriculum that includes 10+ subjects and takes you 4+ years to complete, study only what you really need. It saves you a lot of time and money.

Study with whom you want

Instead of been joined with 20 people based on your age, find small teams that suites you by personality, goals and working schedule.

Study how you want

Instead of visiting lectures and doing dozens of homework, study with the resources you prefer. Podcasts, youtube videos, books, articles and online courses can help you to learn whatever you want.

How to study online effectively

Find a coach +$1200 per year
Setting goals the first key to success

Coach it's a guy who guarantees you success, keeps you motivated and gives constructive feedback to help you achieve life goal. Medium price for life coaching is $100 per session and recommended session frequency - once a month 

Select subjects to study
Find a team Free
You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With

Self-education it's not a lonely way. Not at all. Education become much more effective when you have group of people who study with you and who share similar goals. You can find such people in social media group or using "find study buddy" apps, and it's completely free!

But, not all all people will be ready to study all subjects with you, that is why you need a team for each subject you have selected with coach.

Join study groups
Find mentors +$1200 per year per subject
Personalised tutoring helps to achieve the best results

Most of time your team will be your tutor. But still you need a person who helps you to be on track in your learning. Tutor can answer your question, help to prepare learning road-map or even find a job.

Price varying based on country and subject but on average you can expect $25 per hour. You can expect visiting tutor at least once per week in 1 hour session.

Create learning road-map
Find online courses +$400 per year per course
Cohort-based courses can help you to get knowledge and connections

At this point you have to select the best resources for learning your subject. You can do it with books, articles, youtube videos for free. But we suggest you join a cohort-based course together with your team. This type of courses designed specifically for team and include knowledge sharing and team building activities.

Average price for cohort-based course is $400 and usually it covers a whole subject or career path.

Flexibility is a key

At the end our formula for education price looks like this:

$1200 + ($1200 * N) + ($400 * N) = Price per year. Where N = number of subjects.

So for example, if you wanna become an IT specialist you probably will need to learn programming, the English language and math. So full education price will be:

$1200 + ($1200 * 3) + ($400 * 3) = $6000 per year, that is more then in 5 times less then official education.

 And this is the only the average price. If you want you can study for free by getting free courses and even free tutors. Flexibility is key, you pay as much as you can and achieving even better results than in college.

Join group based tutoring
save up to $1000 per year

Find study group for free using our platform