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What is study buddy?

A Study Buddy is someone you study alongside with, offering each other mutual support, discussing concepts and working together on quizzes and assignments. Study Buddies offer an incredible boost to your learning experience, providing helpful feedback on your work and supporting you through the tougher parts of your coursework. You can share common interests or have different majors, but what matters most is that you have each other’s backs!

Why do I need a Study Buddy?

The online study community has thrived in part due to its perceived anonymity. A study found that 80% of students who took online exams felt less isolated when they used study helpers. Study bunnies can be anyone — an online buddy who helps you study or a teacher who provides constructive criticism and encouragement. Anyone can become a study buddy, but having someone you can bounce ideas with and offer emotional support can go a long way toward keeping engagement high while you’re studying.

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