What is cohort-based courses

Cohort-based courses it's the next word in online education

The idea behind cohort-based learning is that by taking part in a course together you can make sure that everyone is on track and progressing in the same way.

By taking these courses together, you allow yourself to get to know each other’s schedules and find out what makes each of you tick. Being in a cohort means being part of a community of learners who are more passionate about the subject matter you cover—and, by extension, making better use of the resources available


Become IT startup founder

Create a startup today and you can be the next Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter’s Evan Williams or that hot tech unicorn worth millions. This course will help you get there by covering every step along the way. If you are an ambitious student , who likes action, who needs value immediately and not theory then this is your cup of tea.

Price: $50/person
Duration: 2m

Cohort size: 50
Team size: 3-5


Sustainable Development Hackathon

To change the world. This is exactly what we expect from software developers. We will help you do it. During this Hackathon, you will work on a real-world problem related to at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We will provide mentorships and workshops that will help you start working on the solution. On 25 August, 20121, we will present all your works and announce a winning team that will get presents from sponsors and free access to our “Become It startup founder” course.

Price: $0/person
Duration: 1m

Cohort size: 50
Team size: 3-5