About Us

What future we would like to see

Our Vision​

A world where high-quality education is accessible for everyone no matter race, gender, status or location

Imagine a world where your child’s education is not determined by their family’s ability to pay or their ability to secure credit. Where knowledge is not locked behind classroom doors but available for anyone eager to learn. Where the opportunities for learning, research, sharing and professional development are limitless. Education should be about making dreams come true.

How we will achieve this future

Our Mission

Education is broken. Our mission is to re-imagine education across the globe, so that anyone can learn anything anywhere with the help of some of the best teachers in the world.

Education has been a long-standing problem. In the 19th century, schools were designed primarily as factories for teaching valuable skills, such as literacy and mathematics. This approach to education eventually lead to the isolation and stratification of communities as schools became pricing instruments for class in and out of favor with the poor. We’re reimagining education as something more fulfilling – building careers, solving problems, contribute to the sustainable development of earth and making lasting friendships in the process.

What motivate us

Our Values

Society orientation, Life-long learning, Problem-solving, Collaboration, Innovation

The best anthill people are problem solvers. They like solving problems. They like helping other people. We engage in collaboration. We support life-time learning through research, as well as creative work that produces tangible results. The best anthill is a person who is self-aware and curious about all things, including technology. They enjoy learning about the world–both the good and the bad. About people. 

Who We Are

Yevhenii Rachkovan

Founder & CEO

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