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About us

Anthill Academy it’s an online university designed to give students intrinsic motivation and cultivate innovativeness and problem-solving.

Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, all other famous scientists and inventors were motivated not by money or decent career. They were motivated by vision. 

In Anthill Academy you can find your passion and create a vision of a world you would like to live in.


Yev Rachkovan, Founder & CE

Learn by doing

Unlike college, Anthill Academy is never boring. During the education, you work on hands-on projects and solve real-world problems

Find Passion 3 months
"Sustainable development" discussion club

Live cohort-based course with 17 sessions that covers 17 sustainable development goals

Learn language 3 months
English Study Group

Live group courses designed to improve communication skills

Update Mindset 3 months
"Innovative mindset" course

Course designed to learning goal setting, critical thinking, open mindedness, system and design thinking

Design Solution 1 month
Mastermind Group

Join close community and find group of like minded people to come up with solutions for social problems

Get Degree 2 years
Learning Roadmap

Get access to biggest library of free learning resources that includes complete degrees. Join other students and find mentors to make education more engaging

Change World 6 months
"Startup" course

Find a team and start working on real-world solutions in 3 months cohort-based course. Present your solution to the community and investors to get support

Stay Updated ~ years

Never stop learning. Visit our virtual events. Become mentor or course creator

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